Do NOT Say ‘I Love You’ Until You Can Honestly Answer These 5 Q’s

When the stars align — or when Tinder works in your favor — a new bae will enter your life, bringing on a whole new slew of ups and downs. But will it be lust (that deep craving for sex or for another individual) or love (a true, genuine connection and caring for another)? Though these two ideas overlap, they ...

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6 Reasons Why You’re A “One Night Stand”

1. You Dress Up: When you go out you look like a five year old who got into her mother’s make-up drawer. If you don’t typically wear a ton of make-up or have a “girly-girl” style, don’t pretend that you do when you go out. There are many reasons why this is a stupid idea, but the top two are ...

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6 Thoughts On Girls And One Night Stands

1.  EXPECT NOTHING. Literally nothing. Be pleasantly surprised in the morning if they remember your name or even acknowledge you.  Plan on calling a cab to get home or if they are at your place, plan on them sneaking out without a word. Now, I am a girl so I am very aware that it is very hard to turn ...

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